Motor Protection Circuit Breakers

Motor Protection Circuit Breakers

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Motor Protection Circuit Breakers

A Motor Protection Circuit Breaker (also known as a manual motor starter or protector) is an electromechanical device which protects against current fluctuations and interruptions to the main circuit. It provides fuseless protection which saves space and costs, and can switch off a motor in a nanosecond. Compact, current-limiting circuit breakers guarantee the safe disconnection of current after a short circuit, and also protect systems from overloading.

They will reliably isolate operating equipment from the electrical supply system, and can also be used for normal switching functions on loads with few switching operations. Motor Protection Circuit Breakers also reduce the time required to reset any machine or equipment that has cut out, or been tripped by a short circuit, resulting in less operational downtime. Protecting a motor will also reduce the time spent troubleshooting, and overall maintenance costs.

Motor Protection Circuit Breakers are available in a variety of sizes which allow the maximum flexibility in installation, and come in spring-loaded, screw-type or ring cable lug connection options. Many have a rotary knob actuator with clearly distinguished switch settings showing ON, OFF and TRIPPED. The modular construction of much low voltage control gear means that many circuit breakers can be integrated with other devices, switchgear and soft starters. Special versions can also protect transformers, load feeders and overload relay functions, and some can be remotely controlled.

At Rowse Automation we offer a broad spectrum of compact Motor Protection Circuit Breakers, which can be efficiently installed and integrated with other harmonised components and contactor accessories.