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Whatever your control and automation needs, you can be sure to find it at Rowse Automation. We are authorised distributors for all the world's leading brands, particularly Siemens, ABB, Harting and Festo, and we supply many other specialist products such as Enclosures, Low Voltage Control Gear, Switchgear and Circuit Protection, Cables, Connectors, Sensors and all kinds of Safety installation products.

Automation & Control Supplies

Programmable Logic Controllers: 

– Siemens S7-200 Programmable Logic Controllers 

– Siemens S7-1200 Programmable Logic Controller 

– Siemens LOGO! Programmable Logic Controllers 

Automation Human-Machine Interface 

Automation Software 

Variable Speed Drives

AC Induction Motors

2 Pole Induction Motors 

4 Pole Induction Motors 

Low Voltage Control Gear

Motor Protection Circuit Breakers 


Contactor Relays 

Overload Relays 


Time Relays 


Load Feeders and Motor Starters 

Fuseless Compact Starters 

Fuseless Compact Starters Infeed System 

Motor Protection Circuit Breakers Infeed System 

Push Buttons 

Monitoring and Control Device 

Position Switches 

Switchgear and Circuit Protection

Switch Disconnectors 

Switchgear and Circuit Protection Fuses 


Power Suppliers and Transformers

Power Supplies 

Power Transformers 


Safety Relays 

Safety Controller 

Safety PLC 

Safety Switches 

Safety Dump Valves 

Safety E-Stops 

Safety Light Curtains 

Safety Fence Systems 

Safety Signalling Columns 


Proximity Sensors 

Inductive Sensors 

Ultrasonic Sensors 

Photoelectric Sensors 

Electrical Connector Technology

Electrical Connector Technology Connecting Cables 

Harting Connectors 

Harting Connector Inserts 

Harting Connector Housings 

Harting Connectors Tools 

Electrical Connector Technology Terminals and Connections 


Compact Enclosures 

Enclosure Systems 

Hygienic Design Enclosures 

Small Enclosures 

Stainless Steel Enclosures 

Climate Control 

– Climate Control Cooling Units 

– Climate Control Enclosure Heaters 

Electrical Cable

Fieldbus Cables 

Tri Rated Cable