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Eldon was originally started up in Sweden in 1922, by young married couple Josef and Karin Johansson. The company began its business building electrical installation equipment. The enclosures the company manufactured were designed to protect sensitive electrical components, and have since evolved to include electronics, data and telecoms.

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During the 1960s and '70s Eldon began a programme of acquisitions and strong international expansion. Factories were opened in the UK, Spain and the Netherlands, with wholly-owned subsidiaries following around 20 years later in Romania and India. After 2000, Eldon began automating its production capability by investing in new technology and focusing specifically on high-quality electrical enclosures.

In September 2019 Eldon entered a new stage as nVent HOFFMAN, becoming part of the UK-based electrical company nVent. The new nVent HOFFMAN organisation combines the extensive resources and history of innovation of these two companies, to provide a more comprehensive level of global manufacturing.

Eldon Parts & Components

Rowse Automation is pleased to stock a selection of Eldon enclosures, accessories and accompanying technology, for use in power distribution and control systems. They cover many different industrial applications, including food and beverages, pharmaceutical, quarries and aggregates, and machine building.

Eldon Enclosures

Eldon produce both floor-standing and wall-mounted enclosures, with most ranges available in a variety of materials. These include both mild, galvanised and stainless steel, polyester and hygiene-grade steel ranges, so you can choose which material is suitable for your particular application or environment.

Eldon enclosures are manufactured with single or double doors, and they’re also available with a lid. You can choose modular floor-standing enclosures that can be joined to two or more other units, or a compact option with fixed sides and a removable back and roof. You can mount all Eldon wall enclosures side by side, through the rear wall or on brackets.

Mild steel enclosures are most commonly used indoors, particularly for HVAC applications or machine control panels.

Stainless steel enclosures are used both indoors and outdoors, and offer a high degree of environmental protection. Robust 304 stainless steel enclosures are rust and corrosion-resistant, while the sturdier 316L enclosures have higher corrosion resistance. These are frequently used in marine environments, and in food and beverage areas where corrosive cleaning chemicals may be used.

Galvanised steel enclosures are particularly designed for applications with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). These protect your equipment from any breakdown or malfunction caused by electromagnetic disturbances.

Hot moulded fibreglass-reinforced polyester enclosures provide resistance to impacts, corrosion and chemicals. These are commonly used in industry and outdoor commercial applications. Hygienic design enclosures offer enhanced protection of equipment in the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries.

Eldon enclosures also include a substantial range of terminal boxes for small devices and electrical connections, and HMI enclosures for mounting PCs and PLC touchscreens. These consist of floor-standing HMI consoles in mild or stainless steel, plus swing-arm systems made in mild steel or aluminium, for mounting control panels and screens.

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