Eldon Extended Catalogue

Eldon Extended Catalogue

Eldon was founded in Sweden in 1922 by married couple Karin and Josef Johansson. The company was founded to manufacture and sell electrical installation equipment. In Swedish, Eldon means ‘devices for electricity’ that is adapt name for a company specialising in the manufacture of enclosures to protect electrical, electronic and data and telecoms equipment.

During the 1960s Eldon saw a strong international expansion with factories opened in Spain, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Eldon has continued to invest in these production facilities, and they have undertaken modernisation by investing in automation and new technology’s. In 2007 Eldon opened another production facility in Romania, the new factory brought the latest developments in technology and production methods to create a truly modern factory.

Eldon's manufacturing facilities produce high-quality enclosures and enclosure accessories for a broad range of industries. Eldon enclosures are used extensively in control and power distribution application in industries ranging from quarries and aggregates, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and machine building.

Our Eldon Extended Catalogue includes the complete range of Eldon products with over 3,400 products available to purchase online.

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Eldon Products

Eldon is a world leader in enclosures and enclosure technology, offering containment and protection for any device; Eldon enclosures are used to contain electrical, pneumatic and mechanical products in a wide range of industries.

Eldon Enclosures

Eldon manufactures a range of different enclosures suitable for wall mounting and floor standing; the ranges are available in several different materials suitable for different environments and applications. Eldon enclosures can be selected with single doors, double doors or just a lid.

All Eldon enclosures are designed so that their doors open within the outer dimensions of the enclosure body, allowing for side by side mounting. Eldon wall mounted enclosures can be fixed directly through the enclosures rear wall; alternatively wall mounting brackets can be fitted, in each method of wall mounting the IP rating is maintained.Two different floor standing enclosures are available; modular that allows for joining two or more enclosures together or compact that has a removable roof and rear but fixed sides.

Eldon Mild Steel Enclosures

Eldon manufactures enclosures from mild steel that are coated in an epoxy-polyester paint in a light grey, RAL 7035. Mild steel enclosures are typically used for indoor applications, particularly in machine applications for control panels or in HVAC applications.

The range of Eldon Mild Steel enclosures offer maximum protection with IP ratings up to IP66 according to IEC 60529, and IK 10 according to IEC 62262.

Eldon Mild Steel Enclosures are available in several different configurations:

  • Eldon MAS Wall Mounted Enclosures - Single Door
  • Eldon MAD Wall Mounted Enclosures - Double Door
  • Eldon MAP Wall Mounted Enclosures - Panel
  • Eldon MCS Floor Mounted Enclosures - Single Door
  • Eldon MCD Floor Mounted Enclosures - Double Door
  • Eldon MKS Floor Mounted Enclosures - Single Door
  • Eldon MKD Floor Mounted Enclosures - Double Door

Eldon Stainless Steel Enclosures

Eldon stainless steel enclosures are available in two types of stainless steel; type 304 and 316L with a 240s pre-grained finish. The different types of stainless steel allow Eldon to have different properties within their stainless steel enclosure range, making the enclosures suitable for different conditions and environments.

Enclosures manufactured from 304 stainless steel offer excellent oxidation and corrosion resistant properties as well as being robustly constructed. 316L stainless steel enclosures offer even better corrosion resistant properties than 304 and are commonly used in marine, or coastal environments were saltwater spray maybe prevalent, 316L stainless steel enclosures are also used where corrosive chemicals or exposure to chloride maybe used for cleaning especially food and beverage environments.

Eldon stainless steel enclosures are used for both outdoor and indoor applications where a high degree of protection from the environment is required. Stainless steel enclosures are used in indoor applications

Eldon Stainless Steel Enclosures are available in several different configurations:

  • Eldon MCSS Floor Mounted Enclosures - Single Door
  • Eldon MCDS Floor Mounted Enclosures - Double Door
  • Eldon EKSS Floor Mounted Enclosures - Single Door
  • Eldon EKSD Floor Mounted Enclosures - Double Door
  • Eldon ASR Stainless Steel Enclosures - Single Door
  • Eldon ADR Stainless Steel Enclosures - Double Door
  • Eldon AFS Stainless Steel Enclosures - Single Door With Sloping Roof

Eldon Polyester Enclosures

Eldon polyester enclosures are manufactured from hot moulded fibreglass, reinforced polyester with a light grey colour, RAL 7035. Fibreglass reinforced polyester offers both corrosion and chemical resistant properties, the construction of the Eldon range also offers superb impact resistance.

Polyester enclosures are halogen-free and self-extinguishing. Polyester enclosures are commonly used in commercial applications for outdoor use and industrial applications.

Eldon Polyester Enclosures are available in several different styles:

  • Eldon UCP Polyester Compact Enclosure
  • Eldon UCPT Polyester Compact Enclosure With Transparent Lid
  • Eldon UDP Polyester Modular Enclosure
  • Eldon UDPT Polyester Modular Enclosure With Transparent Lid

Eldon Hygienic Design Enclosures

Eldon hygienic design enclosures were designed for optimised protection of equipment in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The enclosures are wall mounted and manufactured from high-quality stainless steel type AISI 304, with less than 0.5 microns of roughness. The design allows for self-draining when washed down with a 30-degree sloping roof allowing for fluids to drain off and eliminate objects being placed on the top. The seal is also one piece suitable for this industry with no gaps and is also replaceable. All hinges are contained with the enclosure creating an easy to clean enclosure.

Eldon hygienic design enclosures are available in several different styles:• Eldon HDW Hygienic Design Stainless Steel Enclosure

Eldon Galvanised Steel, EMC Enclosures

Eldon galvanised steel enclosures are suitable for EMC applications, EMC stands for Electro Magnetic Compatibility. EMC enclosures protect sensitive equipment from malfunction or breakdown caused by the unintentional generation and reception of electromagnetic disturbances.

Eldon's EMC enclosures are manufactured from galvanised steel and powder coated with epoxy polyester paint on the outside only; the paint is a light grey to RAL 7035. The galvanised enclosures are designed for indoor applications and offer the best protection against EMC.

Eldon Galvanised Steel EMC Enclosures are available in several different styles:

  • Eldon MCSE Floor Standing Enclosure - Single Door
  • Eldon MASE Wall Mounted Enclosure - Single Door

Terminal Boxes

Eldon has a vast range of terminal boxes; terminal boxes are used for protecting electrical connections and other small devices. Terminal boxes may be fitted in a standalone location or distributed throughout a machine. Eldon enclosures comply with all relevant industry standards for empty enclosures IEC 62208.

Eldon terminal boxes offer ingress protection up to IP66 according to IEC 60529 and impact protection of IK 10 to IEC 62262.

Terminal boxes available from Eldon can be selected in several different materials depending upon the application and location. Eldon terminal boxes are available in painted mild steel, stainless steel ( types 304L and 316L), polyester, aluminium, ABS and polycarbonate. Depending on the requirements of the application

Eldon Steel Terminal Boxes

Eldon Mild Steel Terminal boxes are available in several different styles:

  • Eldon STB Terminal Boxes - Mild Steel
  • Eldon SSTB Terminal Boxes - Stainless Steel

Eldon Aluminium Terminal Boxes

Eldon Aluminium Terminal boxes are available in several different styles:

  • Eldon HALP Terminal Boxes

Eldon Polyester Terminal Boxes

Eldon Polyester Terminal boxes are available in several different styles:

  • Eldon MGRP Terminal Boxes

Eldon ABS Terminal Boxes

Eldon ABS Terminal boxes are available in several different styles:

  • Eldon DABP Terminal Boxes
  • Eldon SABP Terminal Boxes - Small Size
  • Eldon OABP Terminal Boxes - Large Size

Eldon Polycarbonate Terminal Boxes

Eldon Polycarbonate Terminal boxes are available in several different styles:

  • Eldon DPCP Terminal Boxes
  • Eldon DPCP Terminal Boxes - Large Size

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Enclosures

Eldon manufacture enclosures are suitable for mounting HMI products such as PCs and PLC touchscreens. The range of Eldon HMI products is based on the Eldon floor standing enclosure ranges with design features suitable for mounting these products.

Eldon HMI enclosures are suitable for both office and factory environments and are suitable for mounting industrial PCs and control units. The range consists of consoles for mounting equipment and swing arm systems for mounting screens and control panels.

Eldon HMI consoles are available in mild steel and stainless steel with the swing arms being available in mild steel and aluminium only. Consoles are available in a compact design manufactured from one piece or a combinable allowing units to be connected.

Eldon HMI Consoles

Eldon HMI consoles are available in a number of different styles:

  • Eldon MCM PC Enclosure
  • Eldon MPG Compact Enclosure - Mild Steel
  • Eldon MPC Modular Console - Mild Steel
  • Eldon MPGS Compact Enclosure - Stainless Steel
  • Eldon MPCS Modular Enclosure - Stainless Steel

Eldon Swing Arm Systems

Eldon Swing Arm Systems can be selected in a number of different styles and materials:

  • Eldon OICE Swing Arm System - Mild Steel
  • Eldon OICP Swing Arm System - Aluminium
  • Eldon SASL Light Swing Arm System- Aluminium, Light Weight Applications
  • Eldon SASM Medium Swing Arm System- Aluminium, Medium Weight Applications

Thermal Management

To complement their range of enclosures, Eldon also produces several different thermal management products. Thermal management involves controlling the temperature inside the enclosure; temperature problems can include overheating, humidity or water condensation.


Overheating within an enclosure can occur due to heat dissipation from internal or external sources. Components are usually specified with a preferred operating temperature, increased temperature due to overheating can reduce the life expectancy of equipment and cause failures. Eldon has a number of products to cool enclosures:

Eldon Cooling Units

Air conditioners offer an effective cooling method for enclosures and do not require the external temperature to be lower than the panel temperature. Air conditioners also reduce moisture from the air through dehumidification.

  • Eldon CUVN Vertical Cooling Units
  • Eldon CUH Roof Mounted Cooling Units
  • Eldon CUON Outdoor Cooling Units

Eldon Vortex Coolers

Vortex coolers are used for cooling enclosures were the ambient temperature is very high and other cooling methods are not suitable due to the working ambient temperature.

  • Eldon BP Vortex Cooler
  • Eldon HT Vortex Cooler - High Temperature

Eldon Air-Water Heat Exchangers

When high cooling capacity is required, and fresh water is available heat exchangers are the perfect choice for cooling enclosures.

  • Eldon PWS Vertical Air-Water Heat Exchangers
  • Eldon PWD Roof Mount Air-Water Heat Exchangers

Eldon Ventilation

Fans offer a cost-effective method for cooling enclosures and are widely used when the ambient conditions inside the enclosure are not a concern.

  • Eldon EF Vertical Ventilation
  • Eldon EFP Vertical Ventilation
  • Eldon EFA Vertical Ventilation
  • Eldon EFAP Vertical Ventilation
  • Eldon RFU Roof Mount Ventilation
  • Eldon REU Roof Mount Ventilation

Humidity, or Water Condensation

Water condensation and humidity are another risks to the reliability and life expectancy of equipment within an enclosure. Water condensation occurs when the temperature falls below the dew point, to combat this Eldon have a range of panel heaters and pressure compensation plugs.

Eldon Heating and Anti Condensation

  • Eldon EGK Heaters
  • Eldon EHG Heaters
  • Eldon ECH Heaters
  • Eldon ECHT Heaters
  • Eldon EGL Fan Heaters
  • Eldon EHV Fan Heaters
  • Eldon ECR Fan Heaters
  • Eldon EDA Pressure Compensation
  • Eldon EDAS Pressure Compensation
  • Eldon DWP Drain Plug
  • Eldon PDV Drain Plug