Eldon - STB - Mild Steel Terminal Box

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Part No: STB

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Part No. Height Width Depth PriceActions
STB151508 150mm 150mm 80mm £20.709
STB151512 150mm 150mm 120mm £23.076
STB153008 150mm 300mm 80mm £24.642
STB153012 150mm 300mm 120mm £26.91
STB202008 200mm 200mm 80mm £24.273
STB202012 200mm 200mm 120mm £26.172
STB203008 200mm 300mm 80mm £26.172
STB203012 200mm 300mm 120mm £29.061
STB204008 200mm 400mm 80mm £30.465
STB204012 200mm 400mm 120mm £32.832
STB205012 200mm 500mm 120mm £36.612
STB206012 200mm 600mm 120mm £39.933
STB208012 200mm 800mm 120mm £58.347
STB303008 300mm 300mm 80mm £33.183
STB303012 300mm 300mm 120mm £35.307
STB304012 300mm 400mm 120mm £38.637
STB305012 300mm 500mm 120mm £43.38
STB306012 300mm 600mm 120mm £48.411
STB404012 400mm 400mm 120mm £46.701
STB406012 400mm 600mm 120mm £54.873
STB408012 400mm 800mm 120mm £64.998

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