Eldon - MCS - Single Door Enclosure System

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Part No: MCS

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Part No. Height Width Depth Mounting Plate PriceActions
MCS18044R5 1800mm 400mm 400mm Yes £313.25
MCS18045R5 1800mm 400mm 500mm Yes £319.64
MCS18046R5 1800mm 400mm 600mm Yes £338.18
MCS18055PER5 1800mm 500mm 500mm No £346.99
MCS18055R5 1800mm 500mm 500mm Yes £410.12
MCS18064PER5 1800mm 600mm 400mm No £354
MCS18064R5 1800mm 600mm 400mm Yes £424.33
MCS18065PER5 1800mm 600mm 500mm No £392.76
MCS18065R5 1800mm 600mm 500mm Yes £463.1
MCS18066PER5 1800mm 600mm 600mm No £436.57
MCS18066R5 1800mm 600mm 600mm Yes £506.91
MCS18084PER5 1800mm 800mm 400mm No £396.39
MCS18084R5 1800mm 800mm 400mm Yes £482.91
MCS18085PER5 1800mm 800mm 500mm No £412.95
MCS18085R5 1800mm 800mm 500mm Yes £499.47
MCS18086PER5 1800mm 800mm 600mm No £470.98
MCS18086R5 1800mm 800mm 600mm Yes £557.51
MCS18104PER5 1800mm 1000mm 400mm No £493.07
MCS18104R5 1800mm 1000mm 400mm Yes £594.72
MCS18105PER5 1800mm 1000mm 500mm No £522.81
MCS18105R5 1800mm 1000mm 500mm Yes £624.46
MCS18106PER5 1800mm 1000mm 600mm No £554.03
MCS18106R5 1800mm 1000mm 600mm Yes £655.68
MCS20044R5 2000mm 400mm 400mm No £330.51
MCS20045R5 2000mm 400mm 500mm Yes £337.25
MCS20046R5 2000mm 400mm 600mm No £353.58
MCS20048R5 2000mm 400mm 800mm Yes £396.35
MCS20055PER5 2000mm 500mm 500mm No £377.5
MCS20055R5 2000mm 500mm 500mm Yes £444.02
MCS20064PER5 2000mm 600mm 400mm No £384.89
MCS20064R5 2000mm 600mm 400mm Yes £459.38
MCS20065PER5 2000mm 600mm 500mm No £417.56
MCS20065R5 2000mm 600mm 500mm Yes £492.04
MCS20066PER5 2000mm 600mm 600mm No £441.06
MCS20066R5 2000mm 600mm 600mm Yes £515.55
MCS20068PER5 2000mm 600mm 800mm No £496.44
MCS20068R5 2000mm 600mm 800mm Yes £570.92
MCS20084PER5 2000mm 800mm 400mm No £421.97
MCS20084R5 2000mm 800mm 400mm Yes £515.55
MCS20085PER5 2000mm 800mm 500mm No £433.11
MCS20085R5 2000mm 800mm 500mm Yes £526.68
MCS20086PER5 2000mm 800mm 600mm No £445.85
MCS20086R5 2000mm 800mm 600mm Yes £539.42
MCS20088PER5 2000mm 800mm 800mm No £526.38
MCS20088R5 2000mm 800mm 800mm Yes £619.96
MCS20104PER5 2000mm 1000mm 400mm No £538.09
MCS20104R5 2000mm 1000mm 400mm Yes £646.5
MCS20105PER5 2000mm 1000mm 500mm No £552.12
MCS20105R5 2000mm 1000mm 500mm Yes £660.53
MCS20106PER5 2000mm 1000mm 600mm No £569.08
MCS20106R5 2000mm 1000mm 600mm Yes £677.48
MCS20108PER5 2000mm 1000mm 800mm No £626.36
MCS20108R5 2000mm 1000mm 800mm Yes £743.95
MCS22066PER5 2200mm 600mm 600mm No £460.59
MCS22066R5 2200mm 600mm 600mm Yes £548.06
MCS22068PER5 2200mm 600mm 800mm No £515.4
MCS22068R5 2200mm 600mm 800mm Yes £602.87
MCS22086PER5 2200mm 800mm 600mm No £479.71
MCS22086R5 2200mm 800mm 600mm Yes £588.52
MCS22088PER5 2200mm 800mm 800mm No £531.08
MCS22088R5 2200mm 800mm 800mm Yes £640.42

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