Eldon - MCD - Double Door Enclosure System

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Part No: MCD

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Part No. Height Width Depth Mounting Plate PriceActions
MCD18085PER5 1800mm 800mm 500mm No £471.78
MCD18085R5 1800mm 800mm 500mm Yes £558.31
MCD18104PER5 1800mm 1000mm 400mm No £560.07
MCD18104R5 1800mm 1000mm 400mm Yes £661.72
MCD18105PER5 1800mm 1000mm 500mm No £593.15
MCD18105R5 1800mm 1000mm 500mm Yes £694.8
MCD18124PER5 1800mm 1200mm 400mm No £531.05
MCD18124R5 1800mm 1200mm 400mm Yes £644.71
MCD18125PER5 1800mm 1200mm 500mm No £585.33
MCD18125R5 1800mm 1200mm 500mm Yes £698.99
MCD18126PER5 1800mm 1200mm 600mm No £620.28
MCD18126R5 1800mm 1200mm 600mm Yes £733.93
MCD18164PER5 1800mm 1600mm 400mm No £778.46
MCD18164R5 1800mm 1600mm 400mm Yes £909.52
MCD20085PER5 2000mm 800mm 500mm No £560.93
MCD20085R5 2000mm 800mm 500mm Yes £654.5
MCD20104PER5 2000mm 1000mm 400mm No £571.89
MCD20104R5 2000mm 1000mm 400mm Yes £681.91
MCD20105PER5 2000mm 1000mm 500mm No £578.93
MCD20105R5 2000mm 1000mm 500mm Yes £688.95
MCD20106PER5 2000mm 1000mm 600mm No £606.85
MCD20106R5 2000mm 1000mm 600mm Yes £716.88
MCD20108PER5 2000mm 1000mm 800mm No £735.98
MCD20108R5 2000mm 1000mm 800mm Yes £846.01
MCD20124PER5 2000mm 1200mm 400mm No £615.43
MCD20124R5 2000mm 1200mm 400mm Yes £737.96
MCD20125PER5 2000mm 1200mm 500mm No £627.64
MCD20125R5 2000mm 1200mm 500mm Yes £750.18
MCD20126PER5 2000mm 1200mm 600mm No £641.84
MCD20126R5 2000mm 1200mm 600mm Yes £764.37
MCD20128PER5 2000mm 1200mm 800mm No £768
MCD20128R5 2000mm 1200mm 800mm Yes £890.53
MCD20164PER5 2000mm 1600mm 400mm No £870.17
MCD20164R5 2000mm 1600mm 400mm Yes £1007
MCD20165PER5 2000mm 1600mm 500mm No £916.9
MCD20165R5 2000mm 1600mm 500mm Yes £1053.73
MCD20166PER5 2000mm 1600mm 600mm No £954.03
MCD20166R5 2000mm 1600mm 600mm Yes £1090.85
MCD22106PER5 2200mm 1000mm 600mm No £679.93
MCD22106R5 2200mm 1000mm 600mm Yes £812.14
MCD22126PER5 2200mm 1200mm 600mm No £702.35
MCD22126R5 2200mm 1200mm 600mm Yes £854.88

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