Eldon - DABP - ABS Terminal Box

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Part No: DABP

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Part No. Height Width Depth PriceActions
DABP050504GE 53mm 55mm 36mm £3.99
DABP050704GE 53mm 65mm 36mm £4.7
DABP080806GE 80mm 82mm 56mm £5.21
DABP080809GE 80mm 82mm 86mm £7.3
DABP081206GE 80mm 120mm 56mm £6.88
DABP081209GE 80mm 120mm 86mm £8.12
DABP081606GE 80mm 160mm 56mm £7.9
DABP081609GE 80mm 160mm 86mm £9.13
DABP121206GE 120mm 122mm 56mm £7.94
DABP121209GE 120mm 122mm 86mm £9.21
DABP121609GE 120mm 160mm 91mm £11.64
DABP122009GE 120mm 200mm 86mm £13.37
DABP152008GE 150mm 200mm 76mm £14.72
DABP162409GE 160mm 240mm 91mm £17.95
DABP162412GE 160mm 240mm 121mm £19.35
DABP233009GE 230mm 300mm 86mm £26.18
DABP233011GE 230mm 300mm 111mm £30.96

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