ABB - 2TLA020070R4600_PLUTOB22 - Safety PLC

£891.08 £742.57
Control Voltage: 24V DC
Failsafe Inputs: 8
Failsafe Relay Outputs: 2
Failsafe Transistor Outputs: 2
Part No: 2TLA020070R4600_PLUTOB22

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Failsafe Transistor Outputs2
Failsafe Relay Outputs2
CommunicationPluto Safety Bus
Failsafe Inputs8
Control Voltage24V DC
Commodity Code85364110
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ABB Pluto Series

The ABB 2TLA020070R4600_PLUTOB22 is one of ABB's recently launched range of programmable safety controllers designed for process and functional safety. Pluto is a powerful, compact and cost effective safety PLC which can be used for all kinds of machine safety applications, such as safety sensor systems and emergency stops. It can be directly connected to most safety devices currently available on the market, and is easily programmed with the downloadable free Pluto Manager software. With this controller it is possible to connect multiple safety sensors to a single input, while still achieving the highest possible level of safety. Pluto can also be connected to ABB Safety DYNlink safety devices, contactors, valves, encoders, analogue sensors and many other items.

Pluto Models

The Pluto range features a number of models of varying complexity, some with analogue inputs and some adapted for AS-i, but all easily programmed and powerful. As many as 32 Pluto units can be configured to exchange data without any additional programming, and no extra modules are required for speed monitoring. A broad range of gateways allow for remote monitoring of Pluto systems as well as inter-network communication, together with analog input and speed monitoring. The free Pluto Manager software enables easy programming with Ladder logic and TÜV approved function blocks, as well as programming in text.

PlutoB22 or B20 v2

The Pluto B22 safety PLC is designed to replace the existing Pluto B16. It is a 45mm wide expansion module intended to increase the available number of safe inputs, but without any safety outputs. It is equipped with 14 individual fail-safe inputs and 8 separate connections which are either fail-safe inputs or non-safe outputs. The Pluto B22 programmable safety controller has a supply voltage of 24V DC, plus DIN rail latching.

ABB 2TLA020070R4600_PLUTOB22

Failsafe Inputs: 14

14 individual dedicated fail-safe inputs offer an economic solution for either a single machine or larger integrated control systems.

Failsafe Inputs or Non-safe Outputs: 8

When a low voltage signalling circuit has multiple receiver ports, any ports not required for receiver inputs may be left open and used as a stable logic-high output.

Protocol Type : Pluto Safety Bus, MODBUS ASCII, StatusBus

The Pluto B22 offers flexible programming, as it supports the above three protocols. Simplified connections between cabinets are possible with safe bus and AS-i models, with the potential for more extensive communication using other PLCs and HMI.

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