ABB - 2TLA010050R0000_SSR10 - Safety Relays

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Control Voltage: 24V DC
Auxiliary Contacts: 1NC
Failsafe Relay Outputs: 3 NO
Failsafe Transistor Outputs: 
Part No: 2TLA010050R0000_SSR10

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Auxiliary Contacts1NC
Failsafe Relay Outputs3 NO
Safety ApplicationInterlocking Doors/Gates/Hatches|Light Curtains|Light Beams|Safety Mats|Contact Strips|Emergency Stop|Hold to Run|Foot Control|Area Supervision|OSSD Devices Output Expansion
Control Voltage24V DC
Commodity Code85364110
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ABB Sentry Series

The ABB 2TLA010050R0000_SSR10 is one of ABB's comprehensive new range of safety relays and can be used in a wide variety of safety applications. The Sentry range was launched by ABB in 2017 as an advance on their previous catalogue of Jokab safety devices, providing greater precision, greater accuracy, and simplicity of use and installation. With integrated features such as LED displays and advanced timer functions, the Sentry series combines reliable performance with a high degree of flexibility.

Sentry SSR Models

Sentry SSR stands for Single function Safety Relay, a simple electrical relay used for the safe stopping and starting of monitored devices so as to prevent system errors. These models are a collection of easy-to-use basic safety relays, which are designed for specific applications including two-hand devices, OSSD devices with output expansion, and devices with 1 or 2 channels. LED displays offer immediate status indication, and some models also have an off-delay function.

Sentry SSR models are designed with detachable terminal blocks in order to speed up their connection and replacement, and a DIN rail latching device. A front-mounted switch allows for simple manual or automatic reset, while powerful outputs allow the relay to drive larger contactors. This makes installation even simpler, as it saves using an intermediary contactor.

Sentry SSR10

The SSR10 is a safety relay with no time delay. It features 3 NO and 1 NC relay outputs and draws a supply voltage of 24V DC. It can be used in safety devices with OSSD outputs, contacts and 1 or 2 channels, and it has a manual or automatic reset function set by a front-mounted switch. This versatile safety relay can be used in applications such as pressure-sensitive safety mats, emergency stop buttons and lever systems, contact strips, foot operated safety controls and hold to run devices, as well as area safety supervision, light beams, light curtains and interlocking safety doors, hatches or gates.

ABB 2TLA010050R0000_SSR10

Failsafe Relay Outputs : 3NO

Current flow is interrupted to prevent accident or damage when the three safety relay outputs are in any condition other than their Normally Open operational state.

Auxiliary Contacts : 1NC

One Normally Closed auxiliary contact opens to cut off AC power to a switching module.

Control Voltage : 24V DC

A lower voltage direct power supply is safer and more reliable for control devices, and will shut down power immediately in the event of any safety hazard.

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