ABB 1SFL527002R1411 AF205-30-11-14

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Power: 110kW
Size: AF205
Current Rating AC3: 205A
Range: AF

Technical Information

  • Current Rating AC1: 350A
  • Current Rating AC3: 205A
  • Auxiliary Contacts: 1NO+1NC
  • Control Voltage: 250...500V AC/DC
  • No. of Poles: 3P
  • Power: 110kW
  • Manufacturer: ABB
  • Range: AF
  • Size: AF205
  • Pack Quantity: 1

Product Description

The ABB - 1SFL527002R1411 AF205-30-11-14 - Contactor from Rowse Automation is a standout offering in electrical automation. It's a class-leading product from ABB, a globally respected authority in power and automation technologies.

This advanced contactor is an integral piece of equipment for any industry seeking safe and efficient operations. It embodies ABB's commitment to high performance, safety, and dependability, turning your industrial setup into a seamless and productive operation.

What sets this contactor apart? It possesses superior functionality and high adaptability. Whether your industry requires energy management, production processes, or building operations, this versatile technology can handle everything. It's designed for those demanding industrial tasks that require reliability around the clock.

The ABB - 1SFL527002R1411 AF205-30-11-14 - Contactor stands as a testament to ABB's engineering prowess, offering exceptional performance, making it a compelling choice for your automation requirements. Rest assured; this unit can take on a wide range of applications, elevating operational efficiency to a new level.

Choosing the ABB contactor ensures that you're investing in a solution that meets your current needs and prepares your business for future demands. The product is carefully crafted to optimise energy usage and facilitate streamlined procedures, which in turn helps realise your operations' potential and ensure longevity.

In conclusion, the ABB - Enhance-1SFL527002R1411 AF205-30-11-14 - Contactor from Rowse Automation embodies sophistication, durability and top-tier performance. It's an unparalleled choice that consistently delivers, proving its worth with every cycle it completes. Let it revolutionise your industry operations, paving the way for efficiency, safety, and sustainable growth.

Part No. 1SFL527002R1411 AF205-30-11-14

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