ABB 1SAX121001R1105 EF19-18.9
Overload Relays

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Setting Range: 5.70...18.9A
Size: EF19
Range: EF

Technical Information

  • Fit Range: AF Range
  • Overload Type: Electronic
  • Manufacturer: ABB
  • Range: EF
  • Setting Range: 5.70...18.9A
  • Size: EF19
  • Pack Quantity: 1

Product Description

Protect your electrical systems with the unmatched reliability and durability of the ABB - 1SAX121001R1105 EF19-18.9 - Overload Relays. Manufactured by ABB, a global leader in technology, this component delivers consistent, high-quality performance to help safeguard your vital electrical appliances and machinery.

The ABB - 1SAX121001R1105 EF19-18.9 is renowned for its robustness and exceptional functionality. It's a key instrument in maintaining the health of your electrical systems, with the ability to reliably sense and respond to excessive electrical load or potential overheating issues. By cutting the power in such situations, it safeguards both your investment and operational safety.

This overload relay showcases the forward-thinking design and meticulous attention to detail characterising ABB products. It's compact, easy to install, and boasts an extended lifespan, minimising downtime and maintenance requirements. Furthermore, it complies with global quality and safety standards, ensuring you have the utmost confidence in its performance.

Whether your industry is automation, robotics, or power generation, or you operate within the manufacturing, process or maritime sectors, the ABB - 1SAX121001R1105 EF19-18.9 has the versatility to meet your specific requirements. Its reliability and durability are second to none, offering you peace of mind and seamless functionality.

Aiding your efforts towards a sustainable future, this overload relay also supports energy efficiency. It's designed to work harmoniously with your system, optimising energy use and potentially contributing to reduced operational costs.

The ABB - 1SAX121001R1105 EF19-18.9 - Overload Relays exemplify ABB's commitment to excellence, quality and reliability. It's more than just a component; it's a trusted guardian of your electrical system, designed to support smooth, efficient operations.

Part No. 1SAX121001R1105 EF19-18.9

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